Quality Assurance

Riley Electric Company Inc. has a longstanding tradition offering quality service and a philosophy that the quality of our workmanship can always be improved upon. We have a Quality Control Plan in place and a system that ensures all of our projects comply with all specifications and the end product satisfies our client’s needs.

Electrical Engineering
Riley Electric Company, Inc. specializes in start-to-finish electrical designs with high quality drawings, diagrams, documentation, layouts, and instrumentation plans. We provide startup support, cost estimation, project management, and project scheduling and are experienced in all facets of industrial and commercial electrical applications.

Construction Management & Supervision
Projects are supervised by a superintendent and/or project manager who manage the day-to-day issues and has the authority to make company decisions regarding work schedules, quality control, and project efficiency while always ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied.

A foreman or general foreman with +10 years extensive experience in industrial and commercial electrical installations is assigned to manage the project.
Duties of an Riley Electric foreman include:

  • Identifies job site objectives
  • Follows project engineer directions
  • Plans work schedules
  • Evaluates worker performance and corrects deficiencies

Riley Electric Company is dedicated to safety and our exemplary record of service.

Material Handling & Warehouse Control
Riley Electric Company, Inc. uses a purchase order system for ordering all job material. Most materials are ordered per project to ensure that it meets or exceeds customer specifications.

Riley Electric’s dedication to quality workmanship depends on using quality materials. We receive and inspect material at our company warehouse before delivering it to the job site. Most material is ordered as needed for installation and stored on site, however, our 3,200-square-foot warehouse can be used to store materials off-site if ever necessary.

At Riley Electric, we strive for customer satisfaction.

Customer Service & Project Bidding
At Riley Electric Company, Inc., we believe quality extends beyond the jobsite and our management and office staff will always ensure the customer is satisfied.

We typically bid electrical projects on a lump sum basis. We send you a Bidding Document, in business letter form, providing an itemized breakdown of expenses, which may include:

  • Labor Costs
  • Material Costs
  • Equipment Rental Rates
  • Sub-Contracted Services (if applicable)
  • Sales Tax

We provide labor rates for any extra work which may be required for the project and include markup percentages for any extra material and subcontract work.

Many of our customers provide their own Form of Proposal or Request For Proposal (RFP), which we make every effort to comply with and return along with our itemized Bidding Document.

For maintenance work and construction projects, we typically bid on a time and material basis, with labor billed per our current labor rate sheet.